Plant Operations & Maintenance Services

Electrical & Mechanical Services

We at PRDC (formerly PSOSI) is a team of seasoned Electrical and Mechanical Engineers, excel in Comprehensive O&M, including plant commissioning. We have partnered with industry experts specializing in Turbine, Boiler & electrostatic precipitator (ESP) overhaul.


Supply and Spare Parts of Equipment

Our Supply Chain Management team ensures reliable parts supply for maintenance and troubleshooting.

We’ve partnered with global suppliers (Europe, Asia, US) for critical and non-critical spare parts, offering reasonably priced, top-quality parts guaranteed by established OEM manufacturers.t

Diesel Genset
Maintenance & Services

HVAC Equipment maintenance & Services

Supply of Fire Protection Systems & FDAS

PSOSI offers expertise in providing Fire Detection & Alarm System design, supply, and installation, with optional maintenance services available as needed.

Fire Water System

Energy Management Solutions (EMS)

We provide diverse energy management solutions through consulting with sustainability experts. We assist companies in sustainability strategy programs, crafting roadmaps for effective energy management systems.


Renewable Energy Solutions

We are passionate about Renewable Energy resources, offering promising solutions to meet energy demand sustainably and reduce carbon emissions.


With solar photovoltaic systems, we harness sustainable and abundant energy, combating climate change and reducing carbon footprints. Expanding our solar power generation capabilities, we invest in long-term commercial and industrial solar projects.

Energy Trading Services

Pre-Development Services

Energy Portfolio Management

Cyber Security Protection Services