Our Impact

Sustainability Initiatives

Sustainability goes beyond providing energy. PowerSource has taken on the responsibility of being a good neighbor to its partner communities while taking care of their environment. It has already replaced and added trees within the plant site and planted more trees within the proximity.

Carbon Sink Sites  Forests
  • A carbon sink is a natural environmental site that can absorb a lot of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.
  • A forest is considered to be a carbon sink if it absorbs more carbon from the atmosphere than it releases.
  • PowerSource management of these forests is a cost-effective strategy for mitigating greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Tree planting and reforestation projects have the potential to increase their carbon sink capacity.
Possible Agro-Forestry Initiatives
  • Reforestation of Bayug Island
  • Evaluating potential plantation for wood chips
  • Initial discussions for 150 ha reforestation within Iligan

Improving Quality of Life

By engineering innovative solutions, we have improved the quality of life in over 5,000 households by:

Meaningful Involvement of Women 
  • Women can take part in more activities for the community
  • Packing, grading, and selling fish to wholesale traders, further increasing locals bargaining power
Increased Income Opportunities
  • Electrification develops livelihood potentials in various areas
  • Tourism development increases in the area
  • Goods of supply chains such as fish, fruit, and grain are improved 
Improved Learning Conditions
  • The number of productive hours in a day increases when there’s electricity at night
  • Children, who work in the day, can study at night
  • Adults taking up continuing education or skill training can also study at night
Enhanced Access to Health and sanitation Services
  •  Through water pumps, purifiers, and irrigation, improved access to water supplies is possible
  • Clean water can help sanitation; healthcare stations can provide better quality care

Helping Cities and Businesses Grow

PowerSource’s operations have helped guarantee that businesses can continue to function without having to worry about sudden loss to power. In addition, cities benefit from the economic growth due to increased revenues.

Increased number of rural households with direct access to electricity 
  •  Isolated or rural communities are provided access to electricity
Development of new jobs
  • Electrification supports new businesses, diversifying the local economy, and creating employment.
  • PowerSource Philippines,  Inc. (PSPI)  itself creates new job opportunities through construction, operation, and maintenance of its projects
Ice and storage facilities
  • Can be utilized to support fishermen and their businesses
  • Increase their catch rate per day by increasing the time they can spend fishing and storing their catches
  • Quality of catch is preserved through storage, which prevents spoiling
Empowered fishermen
  • Refrigeration prevents exploitation of fishermen by middlemen traders because it preserves the quality of the catch
  • Fish are caught and stored at a higher quality, boosting the town’s economic power