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Start moving towards accessible and low-carbon emission energy solutions for a secured energy future.

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About PowerSource

As a Pan-Asian sustainable energy solutions company, we develop, operate, and distribute power through innovative green solutions such as microgrids, hybrid, thermal/biomass captive power, and non-FIT scale solar resources.

Our Impact

Sustainability Initiatives

Sustainability Initiatives

Sustainability goes beyond providing energy. PowerSource has taken on the responsibility of being a good neighbor to the environment and its partner communities.

Improving Quality of Life

Improving Quality of Life

By engineering innovative solutions, we have improved the quality of life in over 5,000 households by generating jobs, improving learning conditions, and safeguarding essential health services.

Helping Cities and Businesses Grow

Helping Cities and Businesses Grow

PowerSource’s operations have helped guarantee that businesses can continue to function without having to worry about sudden loss to power. In addition, cities benefit from the economic growth due to increased revenues.

Our Expertise

Thermal hybrid solutions, renewable energy, distributed power, and more. PowerSource is composed of a variety of both local and foreign technical experts who have committed to reshaping the Philippines’ energy landscape to be more sustainable and accessible to all.




Technical Services

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Our team has managed over 2,500 MW of power assets internationally. As we continue to identify gaps and opportunities to provide power and support, we also look towards building more partnerships all over the globe.

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