About PowerSource

PowerSource is a sustainable energy solutions platform for the development and operation of renewable and hybrid energy assets, focused on the global trend towards distributed power. We provide innovative green energy solutions to industries, generation companies, and distribution utilities.

PowerSource comes up with customized power supply solutions for industrial plants and distribution utilities, both for distributed applications and on-grid supply. We arrange electricity generation and distribution services to off-grid communities as well as operate and maintain power plants.

PowerSource is a pioneer in Microgrids, hybrid thermal/biomass captive power for industry and non-FFF utility scale solar.

Corporate Vision - Mission

Electrifying communities and powering industries

To provide efficient, reliable and eco-friendly power solutions at best value to our customers

History and Milestones

  • PowerSource Philippines, Inc. (PSPI) was founded.

  • PSPI becomes the first Qualified Third-Party operator of microgrids, distributing 5.45 MW of power to off-grid communities across seven sites.
  • PowerSource signs a long-tern PSA with MERALCO for the country’s first bilateral unity scale solar plant without Feed-In Tarif. 
  • PowerSource becomes the first Philippine company to win project management for the first major rehabilitation of a major power plant (600MW).
  • PowerSource’s Iligan power plant starts operation as the first embedded hybrid thermal biomass plant (20-MW) in the city. 
  • PowerSource initiates the first hybrid sustainable platform for off-grid power distribution in Indonesia.  
  • PowerSource enters the first Filipino international joint venture with an Operations & Maintenance (O&M) company.
  • PowerSource opens FIRST Bulacan Solar. Now called BulacanSol, the newly completed 50MW power plant currently provides clean and renewable power to the Lozon grid from San Miguel, Bulacan.


Leadership & Board

Senior Management Committee

PowerSource’s President has built a career of over 40 years of experience in commercial and investment banking, finance, leasing, credit, and lending.

Ric is also the President of CEOs, Inc., Home Funding, Inc. and Argosy Finance Corp. Additionally, he is the Vice-Chairman of DES Financing Corp. and GSN Land, Inc.

Before PowerSource, he worked  at the executive-level  for numerous banking and finance institutions.

Ric holds a bachelor’s degree in BS Commerce from the Far Eastern University – Summa Cum Laude and Most Outstanding University Student; MBE from the University of Asia and the Pacific (UA&P).